Physical and Mental Growth While Having Fun


High Ropes Challenge Course

A physical and mental growth experience

Coloma Resort’s High Ropes Challenge Course is designed to increase participant’s skills in communication, problem-solving, team development and leadership in a safe and fun atmosphere. The Ropes Challenge is a series of facilitated problem-solving tasks or events.

Some are group events, while others offer individual challenges from the ground-level to more ambitious heights. All require a combination of trust, support, commitment and teamwork from participants. Trained staff discuss and debrief each activity, making correlations between everyday life and the challenge at hand. Once a positive, fun and safe environment has been created, groups move on to more difficult challenges.

Our skilled facilitators will use challenging and interactive activities on our High Ropes Challenge Course to get your group working together and having fun! Offered to all registered guests Saturday Mornings from Memorial Day through Labor Day weekends or by reservation for groups of 10 or more. Check the calendar for updates.

Team Building

Ice Breakers, Group Initiatives, and Low Elements

Improve communication and prepare participants to work together as a team! Groups are challenged to plan, make decisions, experiment, concentrate, communicate, and develop mutual trust and support. This segment creates the foundation needed to perform more difficult challenges as a team. Ideal for school teams, corporate groups, and families learning to work together.

Reach out to our staff about booking your team-building experience at Coloma Resort

Individual Growth and Development

While securely harnessed to a belay line or pulley system, participants will traverse cables, swing on floating “islands,” or whiz down a zip line 20 to 35 feet above the ground. Team members will act as a support network and encourage participants to challenge themselves beyond their own perceived boundaries.

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