January 24th is Gold Discovery Day

January 24th is

Gold Discovery Day

A golden flake glittered in the sunlight and the history of the West, the lives of millions of people, and the economy of the world changed forever!

Coloma began with the discovery of gold on January 24th, 1848. This started the greatest human migration ever known - the California Gold Rush!

January 24th will forever be celebrated in these parts as Gold Discovery Day, but you can relive the excitement of this historic area from your own campsite all year round!

Gold Pan from your campsite! The Coloma Resort Camp Store sells gold pans and gold vials, and instructional handouts are also available.

Coloma Resort is located in the heart of California Gold Country, adjacent to the Marshall Gold Discovery State Historic Park. You and your family can take part in a self-guided tour through the historic sites.

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